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Whether you have a house, a studio flat or a large HMO we have the experience and knowledge to ensure you are getting the best possible returns and management.



We are an agency owned and run by landlords with 20 years experience in letting property in Leamington Spa, Coventry and the surrounding area. Please contact us. for a free Market Appraisal.

More detail is available here regarding the services we provide as well as our pricing structure. 



Your rental property is an important asset. Swift repairs are essential to keep your tenants happy as well as protecting your investment. As part of our management package we carry out the full range of general maintenance. We also regularly undertake larger scale building work. To find out more including examples of our projects please click here.

HMO Licensing

Licensing is a hot topic right now! We have been dealing with traditional HMO (Houses of Multiple Occupation) licensing for years. With legislation coming into effect on 1st October 2018, many more properties which were not previously classed as License-able HMOs will now fall into this new categorisation. As an HMO, a property will have to be reviewed to ensure there are no alterations required to meet the new regulations.


Failure to comply with the regulations could now result in significant financial penalties. Secondly, in conjunction to the fine you could be awarded a Rent Repayment Order by persons occupying the HMO while it remains unlicensed. If you have an HMO, or building you may think is now classified as an HMO, and needs licencing or managing, please contact us.